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Die Räubershow der Frankenräuber ist das Entertainment Spektakel Nordbayerns! Mit über 20 verschiedenen Instrumenten, fünfstimmigem Gesang und ihren humoristischen Einlagen schaffen sie ein einzigartiges Entertainment und begeistern Ihr Publikum!

Die Technik

Für den optimalen Ablauf und eine außergewöhnliche Show verfügen die Frankenräuber über hochmodernes Equipment. Hierzu zählen eine LED-Lichtanlage mit Traversensystem und beweglichem Licht, sowie eine modular aufgebaute Tonanlage.


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The Frankenraeuber:


Southafrica... Pretoria

20.0000 thousend People during 3 days Oktoberfest. Crazy. Thank you Southafrica!!!!!!!!


Foundation Party Test verdict:

The "Räubershow" of the Frankenrauber is the entertainment spectacle in northern Bavaria! With more than 20 different instruments, polyphonic singing and their humorous interludes, you can create a unique entertainment and  you could inspire your audience! The packed diary underlines this. The blast in terms of price-performance ratio!


Jury "German Fachmedienpreis" confirmed:


The concept "Frankenraeuber - more music and spectacle" really pleased us. For this reason, we have nominated the band and presented to you in 2014 the coveted Fachmedienpreis as "Best German-Party-Band".


Furthermore, in 2010 and 2015 the Frankenraeuber were awarded for the best fairband (preamble for funfair, Kärwa, Kerwe, ..).


In 2014 they have installed along with their legions of fans a new Oktoberfest world record. Most have ever danced in costume Zumba. Confirmed by Record Setter.


The end of 2009. THE FFrankenraeubers have its successful concept developed by a new cast on.


Extracted Crystallized has a formation of multi-instrumentalist, is second to none. So you can tell each musician the joy and the fun on stage formally. And you can see: here are real musicians on stage who know their tools.


The intense closeness to the audience is Germany's highly regarded and is regarded as the band's trademark.


The equipment is up to date and allows for the viewer or listener nothing to be desired.


Amazingly, the good sound and the perfect interpretation of the songs is often mistaken for playback, but here is no sequencer or MIDI files and 100% exclusive "LIVE" made music. Therefore, each individual musician on the stage guaranteed.


The program of the ROBBER is for every event - whether party tent celebration, dance - oriented to the wishes of the audience.The program ranges from proper to modern.


Rocking, trendy, cutting-edge off the charts, Ballermann-Hits, Oldies and - what many no longer can - they can also still popular. Specifically, this means: Here mood is still made at the right time "goes off the post" and it runs "Party Pur". A program just geared for young and old, and not only to a small audience. Often copied, never reached! Definitely more than the sum of Volxrock and party music! Layer a real Bavarian - Frankish party band!


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